Introducing Our Wood Pellet Rec Tec Grills

BBQ and grilling is one of our favorite ways to cook and we’ve always had charcoal or gas grills in our yards until this year. When you think of BBQ you think of relaxing and chatting with family and friends while the kids run around in fun. Delicious food is constantly being served hot off the grill and the smell of the food cooking fills the air. But one thing that is often overlooked is the fact that the grill master is usually hard at work making sure the fire keeps burning, the food doesn’t overcook, and to constantly try and keep the inside of the grill at the right temperature.

Temperature control is the most important and elusive part of cooking good food. Gas grills do a decent job of this but at the sacrifice of flavor. Charcoal is difficult to burn evenly and produces gases that can be harmful to our environment. This is where wood pellet grills step in. We have enjoyed our Rec Tec Grills all summer long and plan to keep it accessible for some grilling throughout the year.

Rec Tec Grills has made grills that check off every box needed for a good grill that will be cooking delicious meals for years to come.

Temperature Control: The have conquered temperature control with their Smart Grill Technology that uses Wi-Pellet WiFi connectivity to hold temperature precisely from your grill panel or from the ease of your phone through their Rec Tec App.

Flavor: Rec Tec uses premium hardwood pellets that give your food a natural wood smokey taste that enhances the flavors of anything you cook. Since the temperature is controlled, the food is kept locked inside the grill to absorb all the delicious woody flavors.

Quality: Rec Tec Grills all come with heavy gauge stainless steel internal components and barrel fire pot that are built to last a lifetime. Everything about the grill feels sturdy and well made with many optional add ons to make your grilling life easy and stress free.

Convenience: Cleaning up after a grill on a Rec Tec Grill takes half the time of other grills we have used and set up is as simple as making sure there are wood pellets in the pellet box and turning the grill to on. With the technology of Rec Tec grills it makes grilling easy and relaxing for everyone- including the grill master!

With all these amazing features on our Rec Tec Grills, we will be using our grills all year long. We’ve purchased a fitted grill cover for the grills to keep them sheltered from the elements and ready to use whenever we like!

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