Product Review for Rove Concepts- Mid Century Modern Home Style

The trend for furniture these days is simple and modern. Clean lines and muted colors look great in any room. We especially lean towards the Mid-Century modern style, which captures the look we love. Since we just moved we were browsing tons of stores to furnish a living room and found Rove Concepts to be right up our alley!

Rove Concepts was founded in 2011 as a company with an aim to deliver handcrafted Mid-Century styled furniture and decor. Their name is based off of finding a balance between freedom, and also a place to come back to after wandering the world. Rove Concepts’ furniture is made in small batches, handcrafted from various places around the world. Their goal is to create a beautiful, well made product that is fairly priced and fairly made.

We chose a few products to furnish the house and are very pleased with the look as well as the quality.

Hanne Console
File Sep 13, 11 09 55 AM

When looking for a TV stand, we wanted something with multiple shelves and some wood element, since we love how wood brings an earthy feel to the room. We didn’t want anything too dark, since we already had dark floors. The Hanne Console was perfect for our needs since it incorporated some wood but was also had contrasting white and  materials, which gave it the modern and bright feel we were looking for.

Lasse Coffee Table
Photo Sep 12, 12 19 30 PM

Our favorite part of this table is the raised edges. There have already been a couple of times when those edges helped stop a rolling pen or a glass of wine from being knocked to the floor. We love the Walnut coloring of this table which tied this piece to our Hanne Console perfectly. The size of the table was just what we were looking for. It is large enough to fit the necessities, but not so big so that it would take up all the space in front of the sofa!

Henning RugFile Sep 11, 11 15 01 PM.jpeg

This rug helped spice up our floor with a little pattern, while at the same time keeping it neutral. The soft white and grey compliment any color scheme that already exists. This is probably the nicest rug we have ever owned. It seems very well made and we just love the style. The furry friends love it, so it has to be a winner!


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