A Kitchen Must Have: Proline Range Hood

With our recent house remodel, our kitchen was one of the bigger projects that we wanted to do for the house. It would be a space that we use every day and a center point of our house so we wanted to make sure we loved it. We also wanted something that was high quality since we have an open kitchen concept and didn’t want the whole house to smell every time we cooked. The original kitchen of the house was very outdated and the hood did not have an actual vent.

At our previous house, our stove did not have a venting range hood and there were a couple times where the smoke from cooking got so overwhelming we had to open up windows and turn on the fan. So for this house we did careful research for a range hood that would fit our cooking needs. We found that Proline Range Hoods was top of the line when it comes to kitchen stove hoods. They have a wide range of hood styles, sizes, and venting strengths to fit your kitchen and cooking methods.

There are a number of range hood styles you can choose from when hood shopping. There main styles are Wall Mount Range Hoods, Under Cabinet Range Hoods, and Island Range Hoods. Once you decide the style that best fits your kitchen you can take into consideration the finish, size, and CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow. The CFM is important and differs depending on your cooking style. Make sure to have a high CFM vent if your cooking often has high smoke or grease.

We decided on a Proline 129E.36 Wall Range Hood. We often cook asian food that can have a lot of high heat cooking which can cause a lot of smoke. Since our range was 30″, it is suggested that we get a range that is slightly bigger so that it can catch all the fumes better. The vent we chose is a 36” hood that is made with stainless steel material that is easy to clean and maintain. It has a LCD glass touch panel and has four speeds to choose from.

We’ve had our Proline Range Hood for a couple months now and love it. We never have any issue with smoke from cooking since the vent is fast and efficient. It is also beautiful with its modern and seamless look and really completes our kitchen!

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