Our Barre Experience at Campbell’s Newest Fitness Studio: Flex Fusion

Our Experience

Flex Fusion is a brand new fitness studio in Campbell that opened it’s doors on June 4, 2016. When they asked us if we wanted to come check out their new studio, we quickly agreed. We have always wanted to try our barre and thought this would be the perfect opportunity. We signed up for an hour Barre Burn Class, which combines sculpting barre with cardio.

Attending a new fitness class can be intimidating, but the staff and other studio members were all super helpful and welcoming. We didn’t know that we needed special socks for barre, but the studio happily provided us with ones that we could borrow. The special socks had grips on the bottom so you won’t slip on the smooth floors during class.  Some other helpful amenities were the lockers to keep our things in, and a water station with cups for those of us who forgot water bottles. We were obvious newbs!

The class started on the mats with quick pulsating movements of the arms and legs and optional weights. We then moved to the bar for more exercises including weights and streches. It was definitely challenging and our arms and legs were feeling the burn! Our instructor, Lucie was very helpful in making sure that we had the correct form in addition to being upbeat which made the class much more fun. The music also helped keep us pumped up and the overall quick pace of the class made time fly by! We both agreed that it seemed much shorter than a full hour and that this is the class to take if you want toned arms and a nice butt!

With the clean facilities and friendly staff, we think this is the perfect studio to keep healthy and fit.  We also thought it was fun to workout in a group setting where you can encourage each other and feel the energy from those around you.

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About Flex Fusion Studios

Flex Fusion Studios was imagined over 20 years ago by owner Niki Riga and has been a work in process ever since. At 5 years-old, Niki knew she would open her own studio and has dedicated her time towards fulfilling that dream. Flex Fusion is centered on community and really strives to provide a genuinely friendly, neighborhood vibe in a state of the art, custom built studio. They truly have classes for all fitness levels and offer a multitude of levels and styles, which is extremely unique in the South Bay! Along with traditional barre classes, Flex Fusion also offers Power and Gentle Vinyasa yoga, cardio barre, advanced and beginner barre, boot camp and (coming in September) circuit style HIIT classes. Niki envisioned a place where clients became friends and everyone could find all of their strength, cardio, and yoga needs in one place. Flex Fusion is still evolving, but the vision is very much intact and gets stronger every day with each new member of the Flex Fam. Perhaps most exciting, Flex Fusion classes are up to 40% less expensive than the barre franchises in the area because Niki feels strongly that quality classes shouldn’t be inhibitively costly!

A life long dancer, Niki studied dance and physical fitness, kinesiology, and injury prevention in college, so Flex Fusion is founded in safe, effective movement. Although it seems like the barre craze sprang up overnight, it has actually been around since 1959 when Lotte Berk opened her first studio for rehabilitative therapy in London. Ten years later, it made its way to Manhattan and the rest is history.

Niki has three separate barre certifications and is ACE certified, another rarity in the barre world. Perhaps most impactful was her Exhale Barre Certification under Fred and Liz Devito. Touted as “barre royalty”, they worked at the Lotte Berk method back in the 80’s and pioneered where barre is today. Niki credits learning barre from the creators who taught the biggest names in the barre franchise as the opportunity of a lifetime. To have them as mentors who helped shape Flex Fusion was an even greater chance of fate and Niki is excited to be bringing even more Exhale cardio classes in the future!

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