Hamuq Hybrid Mattress for a Better Sleep

Sleep should always be on the top of your important list since its when we recharge and refresh. One of the best ways to get good sleep is to find a mattress that you love and can sleep well on. We recently tried out The Hamuq Hybrid mattress that is uniquely designed to give you a better night sleep.

What makes the Hamuq Hybrid unique is that it is made with both coils and foam which allows it to be both soft and supportive. They have a specially designed pocket coil that eliminates movement transfer so you won’t be able to feel anything when your partner, kids, or fur baby shift around at night. The mattress is made with high grade double tempered Canadian Steel which increases the quality and life span of the mattress so that it will last longer and not sag.

Their OpenAir Pocket Coil and VLS Gel Memory Foam design helps pull heat away from your body and for air to flow beneath the mattress so that you can have a cooler night sleep- which is especially helpful during our increasingly hot summers!

Another thing we like about our Hamuq mattress is that the mattress is Made in Canada with Canadian materials that exceed the Certi PUR-US standards. The cover of the mattress is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic which helps keep where you sleep nice and clean.

We’ve been loving how soft and comfortable the Hamuq Hybrid mattress has been. We were due for an upgrade and now we’ve been getting uninterrupted cool sleep and wake up without aches- added pillow top and thickness of their mattress makes it feel extra luxurious. We are very happy to have the Hamuq Hybrid as our nightly mattress for many years to come!

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