Packit Cool This Summer and All Year Long!

We’re big on cooking and eating healthy so packing lunch is an almost every day thing for us. Sometimes we pack dinner leftovers for lunch the next day, or we do meal preps, or we pack some fresh fruits and veggies we get at the Farmer’s Market. We’ve found one of the best way to keep our food fresh and appetizing is with PackIt’s freezable bags and customizable bento containers. Below are some of the products we’ve sampled.

Freezable Hampton Lunch Bag in Desert Plains + Mod Lunch Bento in Mint

Our summers are filled with picnics and fruits are a must! Fruits are a fresh and healthy treat to keep us hydrated, while still tasting good! We keep our fruit mush-free by using our PackIt Mod Lunch Bento. It’s complete with 3 removable dividers that wall off thick liquids and solids, letting us separate sensitive foods and create customized spaces. We love that PackIt bags are freezable and foldable, so it’s a quick grab and go! They are reusable and can be refrozen every time after use, making them eco-friendly.

Freezable Classic Lunch Box in Unicorn Sky Pink + Flex Bento in Ripe Raspberry

Parenthood is all about convenience and efficiency. PackIt fits the bill with their foldable, freezable bags that keep food fresh and chilled without the hassle of stuffing in ice packs. We love bringing ours along to the park and outdoor activities to pop open for a quick snack. Their Flex Bento includes 2 easy-to-use flexible dividers that can be bent to tailor the space to our exact needs and comes with a leak-proof dip cup. The Flex Bento fits perfectly in the Freezable Classic Lunch Box. Yum!

Freezable Lunch Bag in Charcoal Camo + Flex Bento in Tropical Blue

School is around the corner and this little guy can’t wait for his packed lunch box. PackIt has these amazing Flex Bento containers that make packing a healthy and diverse lunch easy. All PackIt’s customizable Bentos are stream-lined to fit into their Freezable Bags. The Flex Bento and this Freezable Lunch Bag is no acceptation. The gel-lined bags make keeping food fresh easy and clean!

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