Golden Cake for the Golden State!

Swerve Declares the Golden Cake as the Official Dessert of the Golden State!

Grab your aprons. Preheat your ovens. You’re about to meet your new best friend!

Just when you think life in the Golden State couldn’t get any sweeter, Swerve®  is going to change the way Californians eat their sweets forever…and for the better! On a mission to revolutionize baked goods, Swerve is declaring their Golden Cake the official dessert of the Golden State! You will never believe that a slice of this insanely delicious cake contains only 3 grams of sugar, is keto-friendly and packs 8 grams of protein! These standout nutritionals make Swerve’s Golden Cake the perfect healthy indulgence for Californians. Now you can have your cake and swimsuit too!

“We created this recipe specifically for the Golden State in celebration of the trend-setting wellness culture in California. At Swerve, our goal is to offer people delicious treats and good health – simultaneously – with great tasting, easy-to-make goodies,” said Andress Blackwell, CEO & president of Swerve. “Wherever you may be on your wellness journey, it’s always a good idea to cut back on sugar. But we also want to enjoy life, and that means having dessert occasionally!  The Swerve Golden Cake is meant to inspire Californians to pursue wellness, to enjoy life, and yes, to eat cake.”

We baked this cake using their Vanilla Cake mix and it was a hit all around.

Check out their website for the cake recipe and make sure to have it at your next celebration!

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