Bringing Green to Urban Spaces


Planted Design is a women-owned business located in our beautiful Bay Area. Their office is located in Emeryville, California but they have been creating living architecture for clients all over the nation. The company was founded in 2015 and has been busy ever since making our urban spaces a more beautiful and healthy space.

(Photo by: Planted Design)

Services Provided


Using plants in design and architecture has become increasingly popular. The uniqueness of each piece and the feel plants bring to a space is something that is hard to replicate. Many Planted Design pieces are used in commercial spaces, trade shows, as well as private residences. Each project they take on is carefully thought over and created with the space the project will be displayed in mind.

(Photo by: Planted Design)

Difference between Living Wall and Moss Wall

A living wall is alive and require appropriate lighting, watering, and pruning every week. A moss wall is preserved and require little to no maintenance. The moss walls are preserved with natural non-toxic, vegetable glycerin. Choosing between the two types of of walls is determined by how much maintenance you want to do and the effect you want to achieve to those who will be experiencing the piece.

(Photo by: Planted Design)

Public Facing Living Walls

Planted Design has put together a map to take you through the urban jungle of some of their Bay Area public projects that they have created over the years. From building walls to art pieces, to moss towers, there are quite a few public spaces with their beautiful living and moss walls for all to enjoy. You can see the full list here.

(Photo by: Planted Design)

Why We Love Planted Design

Living in a busy and fast paced place like the Bay Area, it is often easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed in our daily lives. Surrounded by cars, technology, and big buildings, greenery and color is often nowhere to be seen. With Planted Design’s amazing projects sprouting up around the Bay Area (and beyond), their pieces bring a breath of fresh air to reenergize and inspire us in our day to day lives.



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