In Search of Waterfalls

Everyone wants to go chasing waterfalls every once in a while. With our diverse and amazing nature surrounding the Bay on all sides we’re lucky to have some amazing and wonderful waterfalls. Here’s a short list of some waterfalls in and around the Bay Area when you need a little splish splash in your life.

Bay Area Waterfalls:

Alamere Falls

There’s nothing quite like Alamere Falls- a waterfall that flows straight into the Pacific Ocean. The hike itself is on the long side at about 13 miles round trip but the trail is fairly flat with lots of shade and beautiful views along the way. When you near the shoreline, there’s a downward descent that’s a bit unstable and rocky so make sure to wear good shoes and be careful! When you reach the beach you’ve reached the bottom of the beautiful falls. A day at the beach with a waterfall? A dream come true!

Photo Jul 13, 5 11 54 PM (1)

Berry Creek Falls

If you’re looking for something more woodsy, Berry Falls is your answer. Located in Big Basin Redwoods State Park, Berry Creek Falls can be found surrounded by towering redwood trees in a serene setting with the babbling water flowing through the forest. The trail is about a 10 mile loop with the waterfalls (yes there are a couple along the loop) located at the half way point making it the perfect place to stop for lunch. Prepare to spend most of the day here since there will be lots of spots you’ll want to slow down and enjoy along the way.

Photo Mar 28, 2 50 37 PM (1).jpg

Sanborn County Park

With the great winter rains we had this year, the creeks in Sanborn County Park are flowing nicely. The park is beautifully maintained with picnic areas, campsites, and many beautiful trails available. We found this waterfall flowing across a trail which made it a fun little adventure to cross over. The park is dog friendly had great for the little ones as well.

Photo Jan 16, 3 17 18 PM (1)

Uvas Canyon County Park

This park is the perfect place for a summer hike. Most of the hikes are shaded and their most popular trail follows along the forest creek where you can see a series of small waterfalls. Perfect for families since it’s not too difficult and also dog friendly!

Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls is a moderate 3.5 mile hike from Alpine Lake in Bolinas. We love that it is dog friendly (on leash) and the whole hike is beautiful with bridges and little waterfalls along the way. When we went there were very few people hiking on the trail which is always a bonus.

Urban Waterfalls

Strawberry Hill Waterfall

This waterfall is located in Golden Gate Park and is part of a beautiful area called Strawberry Hill. The whole area is made into a small island and has many other wonderful attractions such as a Chinese Pavilion, Stow Lake right around the corner, and lots of grassy area for a picnic or a day relaxing in the park with the falling water in the backdrop.

Photo Jul 27, 10 09 37 AM

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and Waterfall

This Waterfall is located in Yerba Buena Gardens. The memorial is dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr. and has many of his famous quotes etched into the walls behind the waterfall. The quotes are translated into 13 different languages and many historic photos of the civil rights movement can also be found there. We love that this waterfall is easy to get to and has such a powerful and significant meaning behind it!

Photo Jan 09, 2 27 03 PM (1)

Roadtrip Waterfalls

McWay Falls

Big Sur’s majestic McWay Falls is one of only two tidefalls in California. A tidefall is a waterfall that empties directly into the ocean! Anyone know where the second one in Cali is located?

Yosemite Falls

We”re so lucky to have beautiful Yosemite essentially in our backyard. This National Park is filled with breathtaking waterfalls with their namesake falls the two layered Yosemite Falls in the middle of the park. Yosemite Falls is one of the easiest falls to view and is undoubtedly one of the Yosemite Valley’s main attractions. This waterfall is flowing  approximately November through July, with peak flow in May so plan accordingly.

Photo Oct 23, 3 41 37 PM (1)

Horsetail Falls

This lesser known falls is located in the Desolation Wilderness near Lake Tahoe. The hike is not too long but his fairly uphill and rocky so hiking shoes are definitely recommended. Make sure to pack a lunch and swimsuit since there are plenty of swimming holes to jump and relax in.

Photo Jul 27, 10 08 54 AM

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