Favorite South Bay Area Soup Spots


January is national soup month. What better way to celebrate than by eating your way through our favorite South Bay soup spots?!

Wenzhou Fish Noodles (Wenzhou Silky Knocked Fish Noodle Soup) This soup is light, clean, flavorful, and the fish is pounded into strips adding a different texture and element to the dish.

SGD Tofu House (Combination Tofu Soup) Nothings better than a bowl of bubbling hot tofu soup on a cold winter’s day. We love that you can adjust the spiciness level too.

Chef Hung (Champion Beef Noodle Soup) If you are craving Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, check out this new Cupertino joint.

Orenchi Ramen (Orenchi Ramen; Tonkotsu)It’s no wonder this place is always busy. The broth is cooked for hours and is so rich and flavorful!

Kunjip (Mul Naengmyun) This refreshingly cold beef noodle soup is tasty with a bit of added vinegar. Served with a slice of fruit on top, this Korean soup is a great way to cool down.

Mint & Basil (Mushroom Hot Pot) Vegetarian never tasted so good! This hot pot is great for sharing with friends.

Wuji Mala (House Pot & Mala Pot) The house white broth is full of flavor, or opt for their spicy mala pot. Choose from your favorite meats to add in.

Jang Su Jang (Old Style Bulgogi) Bulgogi in soup form, what could be better?! This slightly sweet soup is always satisfying.


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