Welcome to Bay Area Buzz!

JPEG image-361A04AAC8C3-1
Alcalanes Ridge

We have always had a thirst for travel, adventure, and taking photos. Unfortunately, we can’t always jet set off to foreign countries, but we are able discover new places right in our own communities. The Bay Area is abundant in culture and diversity and we haven’t had any trouble finding activities to fill up our weekend schedules.

We began Bay Area Buzz as an Instagram account in March of 2015 and we were so happy to find that there were many more of you out there looking for unique Bay Area adventures as well. We hope that we can continue to share even more places, events, and yummy eats with all of you wonderful Bay Area locals and visitors via this website.

-Lindsey & Esther

Dottie and Maisie the Bay Area Buzz dog models show off their back sides

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