Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge- Dreamy Laundry Room

Week 2

This week we started demolition! We basically stripped the room to down to its bare bones by removing all the old cabinets, flooring, and some of the dry wall. We will be moving around some piping for our Sinkology Adam’s Farmhouse Sink and will also be moving the washer and dryer placement to a different wall since the previous location would have them sticking too far out- apparently they make washer and dryers a lot bigger than they use to!

We have ordered some new wall cabinets and a cabinet for the sink and a small counter area. We’ve also decided to paint one of the walls white to keep the room bright and not too overbearing since it’s not a very big space. Will be using Frogtape to make sure the paint goes exactly where it should.

We also received our shipment of Jeffrey Court tiles and we’re super excited to get the project started. We decided to use Gardenia Mosaic Tile for the floor and Dreamcicle Chevron Marble for the walls. We’ve been looking into how to place tiles by watching lots of Youtube videos and getting a lot of inspiration from other bloggers who’ve tackled their own tiling projects!

Week 1

We’ve been on the hunt for a new house for a while and finally found the perfect place to call home. The house was built in the 1960s and many of it was still in its original design and look. We bought the house knowing we wanted to do a couple of renovations and upgrades to a fresher and cleaner look.

One of the spaces we wanted to transform was the laundry room. We have never had a laundry room before (washer and dryer were in the garage) so we were very excited to see that laundry would now take place indoors. Since the laundry room is next to the garage, we also wanted to make a part of it a small mud room where we can hang up our jackets and take off our shoes.

We were invited to the Jeffrey Court Tile Challenge which fit perfectly with our remodeling timeline. With the keys finally in our hands, we have spent this first planning out the layout and how we want the room to look. We were debating between adding a utility sink or making the room more like a mud room with a small seating area with more storage. When we heard Sinkology would be a partner in our remodel project our mind’s were made! We also knew or painting would be made easier using Frogtape to make sure paint doesn’t get everywhere!

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